Community and Projects

Open source at its core and standards based from the start, our foundational code and Zero Trust Architecture model serve as the basis for innovative new solutions across the healthcare spectrum, including:

Nirvana Labs

Software to solve administrative waste by enabling decentralized exchange of information among providers, payers, and patients.

We will automate the process and build blockchain-based physician reputation systems that will enable selective application of prior authorization so that insurance company policies are customized to every physician.

Nirvana Labs uses HIE of One to demonstrate new standards for longitudinal health records that bridge across hospital, payer, and patient-controlled domains.


CoverUS helps patients optimize healthcare spending by making purchase recommendations based on their health and financial data.

CoverUS is a personalized healthcare marketplace helping patients optimize healthcare spending by making purchase recommendations based on their health and financial data.  CoverUS technical roadmap aligns with HIE of One architecture enabling patients to aggregate their own data, grant and rescind access to it, and apply nuanced contextual consent for authorized uses of it.

Gold Button

Gold Button is a voluntary self-assertion program indicating interoperability among Gold Button agents and services.

The Gold Button badge signifies an agent or service provider’s assertion of plug-and-play interoperability, allowing a Person to substitute a fiduciary Operator with a self-sovereign Operator without the Data Sources or the Data-Using Services being disturbed, Gold Button agents can be either fiduciary, or personally-hosted, such as HIE of One.


Credible is a secure, standards-compliant wallet for the consumption, storage, and presenting of verifiable credentials.

Launching its app in late 2020, the Credible Wallet by Spruce Systems will allow a user to see who has access to what credentials, a timeline of when data is accessed, and the ability to revoke that access. Its request authentication exchange for physicians is based on HIE of One.

Project Ideas

We are often invited to attend events and share our observations on healthcare, patient privacy, data security, and more. Whether it’s a tech conference, hackathon, or policy roundtable, we’re always presented with exciting new ideas and use cases for the HIE of One platform. Here are just a few from our growing community:

Expert Immunity Reports

Best practices for “immunity passports” are constantly changing, dependent on local conditions. A Trustee Immunity Passport can be issued, signed by local clinical health professionals, and verified much like a prescription, providing businesses, employers, or facilities with an added layer of protection.

Social Service Organizations

National nonprofit associations, direct service providers, and local public outreach teams, from research and support groups to clinics and shelters, need to help their members and clients navigate continuing health-related challenges. With Trustee Communities, these trusted organizations can better advise their constituents without increasing privacy and technical security risks.

Identity Capability for Healthcare

Established healthcare institutions that recognize the value of telemedicine, home care, and flexibility in clinician deployment are considering adding self-sovereign identity and decentralized technology to their offerings. Universal health records controlled by the patient and verifiable credentials controlled by clinicians can promote resilience in a pandemic and efficient health practices in the years to come.