There are two self-sovereign server* repos at



Standards drive adoption of self-sovereign technology.  They enable substitutability among competing service providers, thereby shifting power to the individual. Trustee features:

Use Cases

Here are the people Trustee is most likely to help. Expert Immunity Reports You want to combine blood tests, symptoms and risk factors under privacy controls informed by trusted local advisers.

Best practices for immunity passports are constantly changing and are dependent on local conditions. Whether you are a nursing home administrator, a school superintendent, or an HR representative, you can protect your workplace and your clients based on immunity reports signed by local clinicians and other experts. Trustee Immunity Passport is issued like a prescription and verified by your staff if someone chooses to present it. Deploy a Trustee for yourself >

  Health Connectivity for SSI You are strong in self-sovereign identity but need to connect to health records and patient data. Trustee combines the two.

Identity and security are a specialty and are not specific to the tech market. Healthcare is a large vertical with complex privacy and compliance challenges. SSI is well-suited to health care because services are provided under the authority of individual people. Trustee is a patient-controlled bridge between institutional portals and credentialed clinicians. Deploy a Trustee to see the bridge >

  SSI Capability for Health You are established in health tech and are considering adding self-sovereign identity and decentralized technology to your business.

The pandemic highlights the value of telemedicine, home care, patient triage to specialized facilities, and flexibility in the deployment of scarce clinicians. Universal health records controlled by the patient and verifiable credentials controlled by clinicians promote resilience in a pandemic and efficient health practices in the years to come. Deploy a Trustee to preview decentralized infrastructure standards >

  Community Navigator You are trying to serve your constituents by helping them navigate difficult privacy choices related to health and pandemic response.

Whether you are a homeless shelter or a chronic disease support group, your members face constant health-related challenges that could benefit from your trusted advice. But, as a community organization, often volunteer-driven, you cannot afford to bear serious security, privacy, and technology maintenance liability. Install and customize a Trustee Community to support your mission >

* We use self-sovereign server to mean Free and Open Source Software hosted anywhere by anyone without inherent jurisdictional or institutional controls. For example, a Bitcoin node is a self-sovereign server.  ** Trustee Immunity Passport is a fork of the Trustee Universal Health Record optimized for simplicity in COVID-19 use-cases like risk reporting and contact tracing. The full feature set of a patient-controlled, clinician-accessible health record, such as e-prescribing, remains available in the immunity passport version.